Posted: March 9, 2014 in Denis Wang, Murder

This just in, Bloody Feeders:

A picture of the killer about to strike.

He doesn’t even seem to care about his impending demise.

It appears that an unknown killer has struck!  The sadistic creep even took a picture of the kill in progress.  Please note, this image is very graphic.  Our very own reporter Trisha Takanawa (not her real name, of course) is currently on the scene investigating and taking statements from eye witnesses.  It seems that we, unfortunately, have wildly conflicting details, so we’re not able to get a bead on the killer just yet.

As you may recall, just yesterday we posted an article on the victim, Denis Wang.  Though we’re certainly happy that such a soulless killer has departed this earth, it is troubling that he was murdered just hours after we posted his bio.  And don’t forget – there are still 15 maniacal killers on the loose in our fair city.  Here is one of the witness statements we’ve been able to collect so far.  If anybody has any details surrounding this incident, please submit them through our Contact Us page.

So I saw someone dressed like a delivery person dropping off a package at Denis’ house.  I didn’t think much of it until I heard a gunshot, and by the time I ran to the window, whoever it is who killed him had already gone!

— Manny Ramirez (one of Wang’s neighbors)

Though Mr. Ramirez didn’t get a good view of the killer (he couldn’t even tell whether the killer was male or female), he did mention that the perpetrator used a UPS truck to drop off a package.  Police on the scene guess that it was the classic ding-dong-ditch prank, but spiced up with a bit of gun play.

We will keep you all updated as further details develop.


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